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// The package models defines the stucts for objects, their repositories and the signatures of their functions.
package models
type OfficeHour struct {
Id int
Tutor Tutor
RoomName string // A description of the room for special rooms that are not preconfigured.
Info string
Active bool
Duration int // Duration in minutes. Must be divisible by the config field "MinuteGranularity".
type OfficeHourRepository interface {
FindById(id int) (OfficeHour, error)
FindByCourse(course Course, activeOnly bool) ([]OfficeHour, error)
FindByRoom(room Room, activatedOnly bool) ([]OfficeHour, error)
GetAll(activatedOnly bool) ([]OfficeHour, error)
Delete(officeHour OfficeHour) error
Add(officeHour OfficeHour) (int, error)
AllowedAt(date Date, duration int, room Room, activeOnly bool) (bool, error)
func (officeHour OfficeHour) EndDate() Date {
return GetEndDate(officeHour.Date, officeHour.Duration, false)