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Getting Started


  • FirstSpirit installation
  • OpenJDK11 (On Windows this gets installed together with FS C:/Users/<User>/.firstspirit/FSLauncher/jre/11.0.11/jre-win/jdk-11.0.11+9-jre/bin/java.exe)
  • AspectJ https://www.eclipse.org/aspectj/ (already included)
  • copy .firstspirit/FSLauncher/jar/*, .firstspirit_<version>/jars/* (usually located in $HOME) of the FS installation into lib/
  • Fix some FirstSpirit crap: open .firstspirit/FSLauncher/jar/fs-isolated-client-<version>.jar and replace de/javasoft\plaf\synthetica\SyntheticaIcon.class with META-INF\versions\9\de\javasoft\plaf\synthetica\SyntheticaIcon.class


  • <java> point to your (or FSs) OpenJDK11 installation
  • <aspectjweaver.jar> can be found in FSHook/tool
  • <classpath> points to lib/* and tool/*
  • The seperator is : on Linux and ; on Windows.


java -cp <classpath> org.aspectj.tools.ajc.Main -sourceroots 'src/' -injars lib/fs-isolated-client-*.jar -outjar bin/uploadPlugin.jar -outxml -9 -Xlintfile .vscode/ajc.properties", (Should give a few warnings but no errors)

What the hell?

AspectJ is a bytecode manipulation framework. In our case the method Plugins.getPlugins(ServerConnection, Class, BaseContext) from de.espirit.firstspirit.client.plugin.Plugins gets overriden to load the plugins registered in com.kallendorf.fshook.CustomLoader.pluginsToLoad in addition to the default ones. This allows th execution of arbitrary code within the FirstSprit client.