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Getting started


  • Do all the Steps described in FSHook
  • Compiled FSHook project (FSHook/bin/uploadPlugin.jar exists)


  • <java> point to your (or FSs) OpenJDK11 installation
  • <aspectjweaver.jar> can be found in FSHook/tool
  • <classpath> points to
  • bin/ of this project,
  • FSHook/bin/* and FSHook/lib/* of FSHook
  • The seperator is : on Linux and ; on Windows.

Build this

I.e. with vs-code java extension. Set classpath and add res/ to source directories

Launch this

  1. Be in the TU-Network or connected via VPN.
  2. Launch <java> -cp <classpath> -javaaagent:<aspectjweaver.jar> com.kallendorf.Main
  3. Log in
  4. Click on the scroll-icon in the toolbar. This will link all protocolls of this year.